Dongguan Mingzhou Hardware Co. Ltd., founded in January 2010, is specialized in optical communication, optical, aerospace, medical, electronics and other industries, high precision production wisdom in R & D, production and sales of manufacturing enterprises. The company's main products are LTCC, AIN and other ceramic shell and substrate, PTCR positive temperature coefficient thermistor heating element, semiconductor components, microwave dielectric ceramics and devices such as package provides high precision and low expansion alloy ablation alloy components. Products series include microwave devices, high density integrated circuits, optoelectronic devices and MEMS encapsulation of core components, and in many areas of power electronics, medical electronics and aerospace, aviation, radar communication and other key national military mission to provide high precision matching parts.

    The company is located in the Chinese made of all - Dongguan. Since its establishment, the company always adhere to the "customer first, continuous improvement, excellence, integrity-based" business philosophy, the spirit of "quality of survival, innovation and development to win" business principles, developing and manufacturing has been committed to the packaging industry, low expansion alloy ablation alloy components, to become the world of optical communication, Chinese photoelectric, aerospace, medical, electronics and other industries in the field of high precision, low expansion alloy ablation alloy product components leading enterprises. After 8 years of unremitting efforts, by virtue of its high precision parts and components manufacturing industry business advantage, core technology and products, combined with the effective management of the scientific enterprise, has become the domestic electronic packaging industry with high precision, low expansion alloy ablation alloy components development, production, sales and service in one. In the enterprise, to carry out in-depth long-term cooperation and a number of well-known global enterprises, and won the "national high tech enterprise in August 2017".

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